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Classic Street and Sport was created by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts. If you want to see what classic cars are on sale, read about the everyday reality of living with magnificent but occasionally temperamental cars or just catch up with the local scene via our blog then this site is the site for you.

Most of our team have been involved with cars for far longer than they could decently admit. While the 'ingrained oil and scraped knuckles' look may not be the height of fashion, it speaks of memories and experience that younger drivers have yet to accumulate. These are not all good, of course. I have been driving and maintaining cars since the 70's, so I can recall the days of cranking handles, broken 'torsion' bars, half-timbered Morris Minors and vital parts held on with clothes pegs. We don't do things like that these days, do we... 

This site in not just for people who hanker for the old days. We are interested in the adaption of the car to modern technology and standards while still maintaining the feel, the soul, the heart, that old cars seem to have, and is sadly lacking in so many modern clones. There is a joy in being able to repair your own car, but with modular technology, computer controlled everything and very advanced engineering there is much less that a modern car owner can do themselves. Older generations and older cars, well, you'll forgive us if we celebrate that level of interaction.

Classic Street and Sport is as much a community as a company and we would like to hear from you about upcoming events, technical advances, recovery or refurbishment projects and any of the classic cars we all love coming up for sale.


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